Performing arts requiremet in school



“Arts even in our homes are been practiced, so why must it be introduced in our schools as a compulsory subject”
The reasoning behind this rhetorical question is preposterous. Con would like to have you believe that every household actively practices the arts and therefore there is no need for adding them to the curriculum. I would like to respond by making the point that whether or not arts are practiced in the home can depend very heavily on the circumstances of the members of the household. For example, a child living in poverty is unlikely to have the money to purchase expensive musical instruments like keyboards and pianos. A child whose parents do not know much about the arts may not be able to learn proper techniques of drama, music, and dance from their parents. Some families simply do not practice the arts as they find no reason to. All of this could lead to a child’s deprivation of learning the arts properly.

Now, for my case:
A school is a place for learning. Children pick up and develop new skills in school and often gain a sense of pride when skills are mastered. It is also known that the talents of different students appear in different areas, most commonly academia, sport, and the arts. Now, academic subjects are obviously practiced in schools and physical education is also compulsory. What appears to be missing? The arts. Students whose talents lie solely in the artistic areas are forced to struggle in front of their peers in other school subjects and are never recognized for their abilities. Not only could this impact on their self-esteem, but it could heighten the self-confidence of the academically and physically talented students to the level of arrogance. Being constantly recognized for their abilities, these students are able to notice students who do not appear to be able in any area and could very easily develop a sense of superiority over them. This commonly leads to bullying and tormenting. The self-esteem of the artistically talented students often suffers greatly as a result and this should not be accepted in high schools. No student should be allowed to feel that they have no talent or ability. I now know that I have made it clear that for the well-being and balanced level of self-esteem of all students, performing arts should be reintroduced as a compulsory subject in high schools.

Confidence is a necessary aspect of everyday life. Everyone needs confidence simply to live. I have already presented arguments in my previous case about a lack of confidence that can appear in students who are not recognized for their abilities (these would be the students who are talented in the performing arts). Now, adding to my case, I would like to touch on the fact that the performing arts build confidence. When students are taught to perform, they are taught to gain confidence in their abilities; unlike in academia and sport, where the main purpose of learning is to succeed, in the performing arts, the most obvious purpose is to perform; to show one’s abilities. If students learn within school to show their abilities, it is likely that they will develop the confidence to do so. Possessing such confidence will assist them later in life during job interviews, socializing and other aspects of life.

Also, it has been proven that playing musical instruments can make children more intelligent. As most instruments exercise the use of both hands, both sides of the brain develop. This can help with raising the IQ of students. Why would anyone wish to deprive children of this? Music clearly has several benefits for schoolchildren, these including confidence and greater intelligence.


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