One Harming, One Self!!!!

One evening, I thought to go for a walk

In God’s countenanced and blessed sector,

To make my mind and mood fresh;

With speed and direction like a vector.


Walking through the street; found many shops

Having the packets of flammable substances’

On the packet, of whose was written- IT KILLS,

And in the next very sections was given instances.


Yet knowing, it to be very injurious,

It was present in great abundance,

In spite of abhorring that abased substance,

Crowds were willing to buy that with great abstinence.


I proceeded further and walked down the lane

With resonancing thought and perhaps some  claims

That…. Why the crowd was willing to die,

With a single risk factor & someone for blame.


That day I not realized the matter,

However I think, now I accounted the  truth,

This world and its people practice those things

Which are harmful for them and made them abjure.


The very pretty example that we can  take,

Is the – ‘ EGO’ which is the very often used  word,

Acting as part and parcel in the present society,

Which act for a human rather more than a sword.



Infeasibly ego kills the man,

Arrogancy put the action behind the bars,

Yet the people have conscious subject about it

& let it come effectively in the skeleton of ajar.


This egoism sometimes make us blind

Like a model who could not see its beauty.

Just in the rage that it’s so beautiful,

It forgets all its boundaries and duties.


This ego too hamper the person’s mind

This ego ruins the root of mankind,

An arrogant man who fly high in the sky,

When fall down; have the painful injury aligned.


The egoist should be truly abashed

We should come up with honesty and trench,

Now the time has arrived to rise,

& speak with heart without ego- the language French.


Now the time has come to stop harming ourselves,

With just this factor which abate the clans

Now we should live together without discrimination,

& remember –  EGO KILLS THE MAN.


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