From Desert to River….

I stood in the desert of firm relation,

I stood in the desert of god’s creation,

Knowing it was desert, yet I stood

& soon it started seeming to be the prelude.


There were thousands of bonds and many were true

there were thousands of ships but the less were crew,

I was one among the members of the ship,

whom god has sent; for creating the crisp.


The crew was the relation, that I had been provided….

Be it a son,  a brother or a friend – all were regarded.

I stood & observed all the relations.

And found a bit of crack and obviously tension.


Blood was same, but different were aspirations,

The motive was same, but unmatching was the conjunction.

All the crew were hollow from within, I found;

Even the steel was at the top, but rust was all around.


I pledged at that moment to look on the trench;

& to bound these figures by protruding clench,

I stood up and rose to look ahead

& started filling the, hollow bread…


Added some sauce as well as some salads,

making it a sandwich and a great ballad;

Now the relations that were breaking; were tied in the knot,

Now all the love came together and caught.


If I would have lost hope at that moment

I could be called failure………………………!

But I never stopped and raised myself

& finally succeeded in bonding the sailors.


I knew, that even relationships aren’t well; we should never break them,

because, even if water is polluted it can’t be drunk, but can put off the flame

Finally, the water had been treated by me…

For the people of the crew and ship & thee.


The desert transformed into the Nile and Indus,

The steel was broadened and resisted Mellitus;

Broken heart was attached with the firm gum of love;

With the healness of turmeric and softness of dove.


Now, I ‘m swimming in the river of firm relation,

Now I ‘m  swimming in the river of god’s creation,

Knowing it as river, yet I want to reach its depth,

I want to reach to the core of relation & take a very long and deep breathe…..!!!
















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