School talk’s !!!

Bell rang at 6 in the hopeful morn,

the dreams of winning in sleep, once again torn;

“Oh! what to do now”, the mind knocks,

then the mother comes and tells wake that’s 8’o clock…


Hopefully rose from the adhesive bed;

went to washroom like a great abject

Brushing the teeth with the snail’s action;

and replying mom with great & loud pretension.


hurriedly came out of the bathroom

putting on the uniform and preparing for the classroom,

Meanwhile comes again the mother’s call

“Come on, hurry up! & have the bread roll.”


Gushing up of the mother in search of the school bag

arranging the Tiffin & seeing the notebook’s tag;

Afterwhile clock ticks for eight,

mom now told – ” take it and rush to the stoppage.”


the lazy beast runs to the bus;

with the hope to have a lot of fun, with the friend’s crush.

Santa and Banta’s joke accompany the laughter,

Backbenchers still smiling & teacher ended a chapter.


time of recess and tense to show grace;

Abducting all fears, coming out of the class with full pose;

Then opening the lunch box which mom gave,

and asking others to eat this nonsense.


Coming back again to home at two,

After enjoying and making school half zoo.

mother thinks the child had studied a lot…

‘let him rest to go him out for a bit short.’


this is how our school life passes

waking up very early and preparing for the classes;

enjoying the life with the very nice classmates!

studying 2 hours & enjoyment,… “for God sake!!!”


how memorable those days are…

when we go to the institution

For earning knowledge…, and making self-creation.

we are very lucky to have this great opportunity,

we must utilize it with great happiness and amity.


Oh! now, I remember and look back on those school days,

of that, which at that time I used to think it hopefully to pass away,

Now, I wish I could enjoy those school walks…

Oh! Now I wish if I could have that crunch with school talks…






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