Relationship of UNIQUENESS

Purity of love, smoothness of dove,

Comes from a very glorious relationship;

Heartily welcome of two individuals

come from a very beautiful & great friendship


‘Friends’, Oh God! what’s the name

sometimes I think, I should claim;

Bestowing the power of this aim

The power of becoming the two best friends.


This relationship is full of uniqueness,

Here no one is vulpine, but have a bond of thickness;

Someone with whom you can share your emotions,

without proposing any kind of promises or notions.


Where the sky is not the limit

Where religion and blood does not matter

That’s the kind of two pie’s relation,

where birds of feathers flock together.


Freinds are those who scold you when you are wrong;

Freinds are those who encourage when you aren’t strong;

friend can not be defined by the scientific terms.

But yes, it could be said that friends are there to support you in long run.


(Friends have the attitude that speaks of:)

together we rise, together we fall

together we are winners, and winner take all!



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