Real affinity: Be real you!


When mango ripen on the branches

In early stages it tastes sour,

But, as it gets completely Ok!;

We smell it as it emits fragrance of flower.


We turn the bushes in and round;

& find some juicy mangoes in our palm;

However, some fruits still gets left;

Being ideal on branches, attached quiest calm.


It gets old and finally disattached;

And we throw it as if it’s nothing;

A fruit, that weeks before was very nice;

Now become for us, truly unwilling.


My friends! Our life is like this mangoe,

In early stages it’s quite adventurous

Time passes and we maintain our dignity,

For this uncaring world, & not for us.


We find ourselves very important,

& we wear different faces for this society;

And really we forget our real face;

For those who fake even great dignity.


Our thoughts think that we are adored;

And we are respected by people of this world;

But they value us till when we benefit them;

And then they forget even the value of pearl.


We keep silence in public places

To maintain our dignity in this society;

But we really don’t have any idea of it;

That no one cares of us, even those who find us lighty.


Our every action seeks public demand;

We think, “what people will say”!

But we always condemn ourselves;

As we spoil our reality in sake of different lays.


Mango is nice till when it’s edible;

When it dies, people don’t even look onto it;

Same happens with the real life person,

When they die, their remembrance  is done by nobody.


Remember whether you are alive or dead;

Nobody cares of who you are..

If they do so for their enjoyment;

& then they leave you as if you’re behind the bars.


Around the clock when you think of people;

Remember you are losing a great opportunity;

Opportunity of discovering a real self;

A man of great hope and diverse personality!!!


So, forget of others and LIVE your life;

Because that’s only a chance you have;

To know yourself in a better way;

And lead yourself to a great optimistic cave.



“life passes thinking about what people will think…. and caring of society,   

when you are ending your life, you understand society was not at all caring for you!!”






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